College of Arts & Science 2019 Commencement

Our Alumni

The JUPS Alumni Community maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant group of alumni and friends worldwide. It helps connect alumni to the University and each other through a wealth of community activities, online services, and events around the world.

Alumni Spotlights


Alumni Spotlight: Khadija Khan

CAS’17 JUPS major What has been your path since graduating from Georgetown? In other words, what are you doing now and how did you get there? Like basically everyone else after graduation, I…

January 23, 2024


Alumni Spotlight: Kendall Banks

Would you share a few lines about JUPS and your time in JUPS: I could never have predicted how much JUPS would impact my life and career trajectory when I first started the program. Not only…

November 2, 2023


Alumni Spotlight: Dennis Kim

CAS’ 21 JUPS Major Why did you choose to major in JUPS? I distinctly remember going into my second semester of my freshman year with no idea what I wanted to major in. It just so happened…

October 19, 2023