CBL/JUPS-261: South Africa: Cape Town Program

Cape Town

A Note About Study Abroad

While not required, studying, serving, or working abroad is a wonderful opportunity for transformative experiences. We highly recommend students consider adding some element of study abroad–be it a summer course, a spring break trip, or a full semester–into their undergraduate curriculum. Many of the programs offered through the Office of Global Education provide opportunities to link study abroad to credit for the JUPS major or minor. See our Study Abroad Overview page for a more detailed description of possibilities.

JUPS 261: Social Transformation in South Africa is a three-week summer program, and is a collaboration between the Women’s and Gender Studies Program; the Education, Inquiry, and Justice Program, and the Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution. This course is an opportunity to directly transfer JUPS elective credit (equivalent to one, three-credit elective course; registered as JUPS-261) to a student’s degree. This faculty-led program is an opportunity for JUPS students to gain hands-on, academically applicable learning experiences. This program fulfills the CBL requirement for the major and minor through 30 hours of community-based work with South African organizations. 

Georgetown Program Director: Professor Elham Atashi

Georgetown in Cape Town: Social Transformation in South Africa

Venture to a cosmopolitan city that is still emerging from decades of apartheid, and is marked by its history of legal and racial discrimination, inequality, and oppression, but is all a hub for community organizations working on issues related to human rights and social justice. Through discussions, lectures, site visits, and meetings with community leaders, you will gain insight into the history of South Africa and the system of apartheid and extend this understanding to analyze the ongoing impact of past injustices on present policies and social movements. In addition to lectures and discussions led by faculty and site visits to historical places, you will be immersed in local cultural contexts through a placement at a community service organization where you will observe and participate in community struggles for economic, educational, and social equality.

Georgetown Faculty Director(s): April Sizemore-Barber (Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies) and Sabrina Wesley-Nero (Associate Professor of Teaching, Education, Inquiry, and Justice)

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