Major Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of eleven courses in the major.

Foundational Courses (5 courses total)

  1. Introduction to Justice and Peace (JUPS 123) – offered every semester and online in the summer
  2. Nonviolence Theory and Practice (JUPS 202) – offered every semester 
  3. Conflict Transformation (JUPS 271) – offered every semester
  4. Research Methods in Justice and Peace (JUPS 299) – offered every semester
  5. Senior Seminar (JUPS 303)* – fulfilled by taking three one-credit JUPS modules

Electives (6 courses total)

Students choose six courses from JUPS core electives or classes cross-listed with JUPS. At least two of these courses must be from the JUPS core electives.

Click HERE for a list of past electives and HERE for current ones.

Theories or Theologies of Justice and Peace (concurrent required course)

At least one course taken by a JUPS major must emphasize theories or theologies of justice and peace. This requirement can be satisfied through an elective course cross-listed with JUPS from courses in the PHIL or THEO Departments. This is not an additional required course, but a concurrent one; students should consult with a JUPS advisor. Potential courses for this requirement include:

CBL: Community Based Learning Requirement

All JUPS students are required to satisfy a Community Based Learning Requirement. Students are encouraged to satisfy the CBL Requirement early in their program whenever possible and may choose to take more than one CBL course during their studies.

For all JUPS CBL information, click HERE.

Potential Four-Year Course Plan

All students must take JUPS 123 before their sophomore spring, during which they will declare the major. However, the specifics of student programs will vary, and part of the JUPS philosophy is to work with students individually to develop unique concentrations and personalize the overall program of study. The following grid presents an example of what a potential JUPS major course of study could look like: 

* must be declared as a JUPS major/minor before registration
YearFall SemesterSpring Semester
JUPS 123 (if not taken in freshman fall or freshman spring)
Gen Ed (theories/theologies)
*JUPS 202
2 JUPS Electives


*JUPS 271
2 JUPS Electives


JUPS 299
2 JUPS Electives


CBL course
3 JUPS one-credit modules