Community Based Learning (CBL) Requirement

JUPS majors must complete the CBL requirement, and JUPS minors may choose to take a CBL course to complete their Service Learning requirement. Students can take CBL courses (typically 3 or 4 credits) offered by JUPS or any other Georgetown department in fall, spring, or summer. To search for these courses, select the attribute “Community Based Learning” in MyAccess. For examples of this course, click here.

Take JUPS 261, a 2-week pre-summer faculty-led course “Social Transformation in South Africa” (3 credits). This course will count towards one JUPS core elective AND fulfill the CBL requirement. Click here to learn more.

Sign up for UNXD 030: CBL – Intersections of Social Justice (summer term). This is a 1-credit (always) online, asynchronous course through the Center for Social Justice.

Sign up for UNXD 130: CBL – Social Action (fall or spring semester), a 1-credit course through Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ).

An immersive, community-engaged co-curricular commitment through Georgetown University such as the 1) Andretta Fellowship; 2) the Education and Social Justice Fellowship; or 3) the Kalmanovitz Initiative Fellowship can also meet a JUPS student’s community-based learning requirement.