Minor in JUPS

Declaring the JUPS Minor 

The Justice and Peace Studies Program (JUPS) accepts applications from sophomores in the College, the School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business at the start of every spring semester. After submitting the application on the JUPS website, students are notified of their acceptance prior to the opening of fall registration and invited to meet with JUPS Co-Directors to formally declare the Minor.  All Minor applicants are required to have completed JUPS 123 ( offered every semester and online in the summer) prior to declaration.

Sophomores and junior transfer students who are interested in the JUPS Minor should complete an application form. The application deadline is March 1st. Please be sure to submit this application form linked HERE by then. Sophomores studying abroad, can make a different arrangement in the declaration process by contacting the co-directors. After the program sends their response, approved applicants must complete the  Academic Program Changes  form.