Declaring a Major, Minor, or Certificate

The Program on Justice and Peace offers an undergraduate Major in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences; a Minor in the College, the McDonough School of Business (MSB), and the School of Nursing and Health Studies (NHS); and a Certificate in the School of Foreign Service (SFS). Students are encouraged to take JUPS 123 (Introduction to Justice and Peace) as their first course in the program. Students should talk to their advising Dean about their fields of study, and are also encouraged to arrange a meeting with the JUPS Program Directors, Prof. Randall Amster, or Prof. Elham Atashi to discuss the Program and their interests early in their undergraduate career.


To declare the JUPS Major, students should fill out the online form linked HERE, and then set up an appointment to meet with one of the two Program Directors, Randall Amster or Elham Atashi

The formal process for College students to declare the JUPS Major involves an Academic Program Changes form that students pick up from the College Dean’s office or print online. This form should be taken to the JUPS Program Directors, who will assign an advisor to the student from among the JUPS core faculty. (Prospective majors are encouraged to meet with any JUPS faculty member about program requirements and to discuss potential concentrations and advisors.) The major declaration is logged with the College after the completed form is returned to the Dean’s office. Students are encouraged to consult with their current Dean but this is not required to declare the major. The assigned Dean for juniors and seniors who have already declared the JUPS Major is Keshia Woods.

Minor / Certificate

To register for the minor/certificate in JUPS, students should fill out the basic online registration form linked HERE and then set up an appointment to meet with one of the two Program Directors, Randall Amster or Elham Atashi. Students should also contact their advising Dean about registering their minor/certificate within their particular school (i.e., College, SFS, MSB, NHS). Students in the College declaring a minor should also use the form available at the Dean's office or print it online.