JUPSx: Skills Building Course

JUPSx: Skills Building Courses

The JUPSx Skills Building one credit courses provide an opportunity for students to gain academic credit for practical skills training through workshops. Students may take up to 6 of these courses designated to be bundled together adding to three credits in a semester or taken as separate one credit courses through out the academic year and bundled to a three credit course. The JUPSx series will follow a non-traditional structure and format, based on different skills building, methods and schedules of instruction and learning. The courses compliment the substantive theoretical aspects of our academic curriculum with teaching diverse set of skills applicable to the field of Justice and Peace Studies.

How do I register for these classes?

  • Explore schedule of skills classes listed as JUPSX-200 series.
  • Register as you would register for other courses.
  • Each skills class is 1 credit and designed to be bundled to a three credit class and count as a JUPS Elective.

Course Description

JUPSX-242: Nonviolent Communication

The objective is to equip students with the skill of compassionate communication, which clarifies feelings and makes concrete requests based on needs. Students will draw from their experience and learn basic theories of nonviolent communication. They will role-play various situations to practice this skill, as they also test, refine, and even develop theory. Students will track and assess their use of nonviolent communication in a personal conflict.

  • Instructor: Eli McCarthy
  • Time: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
  • Sat. Sept. 30
  • Sat. Oct. 7

JUPSX-244: Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a community-based philosophy and approach to preventing and responding to harm with roots in indigenous traditions. It involves facilitated group processes that emphasize accountability through shared understanding and repairing the harm done. It has been used successfully in many contexts, including school and juvenile justice systems. This course is intended to introduce participants to the restorative justice movement, as well as to support participants in learning and integrating key concepts, tools, and skills related to restorative justice through an experiential, interactive, and self-reflective approach. Participants will be asked to think about the role of Restorative Justice in the modern US social context, as well as in their own personal lives.

  • Instructor: Tarek Massarani
  • Time: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
  • Sat. Oct. 14
  • Sun. Oct. 15

JUPSX-246: Moral Leadership

Leadership is not about serving one's personal needs and interests; rather, true leadership is about "men and women in service of others," which is a primary educational objective of the Jesuits. This course will focus on the application of servant leadership and moral leadership, and in particular on the personal characteristics and attributes associated with moral leadership. A leader's core and conviction determines whether the leader lives by a set of moral principles and values. This course will focus on cultivating a moral compass to determine the way you live your life and lead.

  • Instructor: Nan Ellen Nelson
  • Time: 6.30-9.00 pm
  • Wed. Sept. 6
  • Wed. Sept. 13
  • Wed. Sept. 20th
  • Wed. Sept. 27th
  • Wed. Oct. 4th


Fall 2017:

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Restorative Justice
  • Moral Leadership

Spring 2018:

  • Student Activism
  • Story Telling for Justice and Peace
  • Mediating Conflicts